Monday, September 26, 2011

Planning Homework #1

My photo session this weekend was used as a homework assignment.  My homework was to find a new location and plan (on paper) a shooting guide.  I settled on a location that I’ve been to often but tried to find something different that I was overlooking.  The only reason I didn't go somewhere else totally new is due to the weatherman calling for rain, rain, rain so I knew I had to find locations that would work for shelter from the mist/downpours that might happen as well.  Another challenge that presented itself was the fact that a Packer fan was involved in the session so time was a huge factor.  I couldn’t find a location that involved a TV so I needed to get him done and back home before kickoff.  My planning came in extremely well for this situation.  He was probably home, changed into his lucky shirt and cracking a beer before the game started.  All of that with a pretty fabulous family resulted in some pretty fabulous photos. 

These images are a few of my favorites.

This location looks a little rough but I kinda like the small porch with it's rustic look.  I could do without the air conditioner.  This family does so well with falling right into place.  The kids are very active and huge explorers of new surrounding but when they are called over they know right what to do and they do it fast so they can get back to exploring. 

I love this brick building with the white front but to get the view I wanted the family is really small but I kinda like it that way.  

Another location from a view I don't usually shoot.  The early fall look is perfect with the river in the back.  

This time the kids continued to explore and Miss Ella noticed an otter swimming in the water. I love this one because it shows the true personality of the 3 younger children, mom is also looking away because she always acknowledges what they find and then will continue to request what she needs.

All locations were hit between rain (downpour) showers but as soon as we let dad loose the rain started and forced us under bridges and inside.


Becky Green said...

Good job! You can really see all the colors popping from the rain, and they all look so happy :)

DoubleTake2 said...

Connie, I love each of these settings--what a fabulous location to give you so many options. The family is styled perfectly for the backdrop, too. Like you, I adore the brick building shot---it reminds me of a travel poster but featuring such special subjects. If it were of my family, I'd definitely have it up on the wall! Janet (Classmate)

Maz Hawes said...

Super images! I especially love the first one:))

Anonymous said...

I'm not claiming to be at your level of creativity expertise, but I do have to say that the old porch pic was one I thought of too! Being at the Depot all summer I saw several photographers taking pics with the Depot as the background & I thought if my family was them, I wanted the back side of those main street buildings. The Depot is restored, but the old entryways on those buildings have the original vintage character to them. Good eye in spotting that!