Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Snack Time

We love summer at this house and we spend all day outside.  The grandkids know that when they come to Grandma and Grandpa's house that they will be outside the whole time and they love it.  Friday night they came over while their mommies went shopping.  I usually give them snacks on the patio but lately I've been making a fun little dining area for them.  Friday night I set it up on the other side of the house so it would be just for them and made it a little more special than usual.  (of course I had photos in mind).  I left this set up all weekend and loved to just look at it empty, too bad John had to mow lawn.

I hauled them over to their dining area in my Grandma's old red wagon and Elly got to pour their drinks and serve their cookies.  Mally and Garrett wait so good for her.  They had to bring along their dollies too, which I didn't mind at all.


They all love to play dress up and house so they played out here for a long time, I think they liked being all alone like big kids.

At about 10:00 our phone rang and it was the neighbor (about half a mile away) and he says "aren't those kids ready for bed yet"  He could hear them all night and they were just sitting by their fire listening to them giggle and play.  They love the sound of little ones just about as much as we do.  Saturday night we decided to go up by them and let the kids run in their yard.  They had a blast falling in the grass and pretending they couldn't get up so Paul would have to run over and pick them up of course with a big ole swing in the air.  

Love summer nights.

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