Thursday, October 15, 2009

My friend and her family

After 1 cancellation due to drenching cold downpour, another day of snow, sleet, rain, we see a break of sun shine. I wrap up my session with customers and we make a break for the outside. As we're driving down the road it starts to rain and sleet..... I'm in the car ahead of "K" and I should have heard her yell...... "ARE YOU KIDDING ME". We start the session at the local tavern drinking bottled beverages.

My friend "K" and her family were so much fun tonight, they made me laugh right along with them and even though they didn't know it, I felt the love between all of them. They sang "Chicken Fried" and "Kum-ba-ya" while I took their pictures, it was a live concert for just me, okay so maybe they were singing for each other but it felt like a concert for me.

"K" is a beautiful person on the outside and on the inside, she laughs with me, she listens when I need her, we can finish each others sentences, she cries with me, she is my life-saver and I can't imagine my days without her. Her and I have been through a horrible year of ups and downs but through all of it we have had each other. I am honored to take pictures of her family and can't wait to share them all with her, but until I have time to go through them here is a sneak peek.

"K" I love you! You have a wonderful family, I'll listen to a live concert anytime just let me know the time and place.


Joan Faber said...

I agree with you totally!
"K" is at great person, a great friend, and has a great family.
Thanks for the photo. Turned out GREAT.
I've been enjoying all your photos. Keep them coming.
Have a GREAT day.
How many GREATS are in this comment?

Made you count (:

Jules said...

I love her too.....she is honestly a sweet person.