Friday, October 23, 2009

House Update

John has been working on the trim since I gave him a dead line. Now I'm not that impatient.... remember the living room has been done and ready for trim for almost 1 year. As a matter of fact I've been more than patient :) The dead line was "before hunting season or he couldn't go". That was only about 2 weeks ago and it's done already with a month to spare. I cannot tell you how finished it makes the house look, it gives the Tuscan decorating an even warmer feel. I wanted the chunky trim with rough cuts and edges and that is exactly what I got. Now I have to decide on curtains and rods... that could take me awhile I suck at window treatments. Then new furniture and flooring and lighting and end tables and coffee table and a new lens.... where did that come from.... did I say that in my outside voice?

I came home from work tonight to a finished downstairs.... No more insulation sticking out around the windows, now what can I use to get the upstairs trim finished???

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