Friday, October 9, 2009

Inside Green Thumb and Happy Birthday Shannon

I may have a green thumb when it comes to outdoor plants, I can grow those suckers taller and wider than any of my sisters. I can have a flower that grows everywhere and I can't get rid of it and my sisters have one little controlled flower they got from me and that's all they get. But now that it's getting cooler outside I'm not ready for all my favorite plants that are in pots to die yet so I bring them in the house. Now I kill any house plant in a matter of weeks so why I insist on doing this every year is beyond me. I just killed my Great Grandmothers African Violet Plant that I have had for over 25 years, yep I killed it, that was my last house plant I had.

I got this fern at the beginning of summer and it's a monster fern now. I didn't do anything special to it but it got huge, it must have liked the cooler weather we had. So now I brought this monster fern in the house to slowly watch it die instead of all at one time as soon as the frost hits the patio. Tonight I swept up a heaping dustpan full of leaves and it's still a monster... do you think I need to water it, I mean like watering every 2 weeks isn't enough? That's my problem I forget to water my plants (urrrr my one house plant that I had).

Even if the monster fern will be dead in less than 2 months it sure looks great with my Italian decor now, I think tomorrow I'm gonna paint the pot black... or maybe red... or maybe black with a red stripe. I'll have to pay attention to it like I did when it was outside cuz it's perfect in this space.

I posted the recipe of the cake I made last night on the other blog.... wow it was fantastic. Go check it out here and lick the beaters, it's fantastic.

Happy Birthday to Shannon today, she used to love it when her birthday was on Homecoming weekend. Today she was taking Elly and Garrett to the parade and I was going to meet her there. I called this morning early to wish her a happy birthday and she is home with 2 sick kids. Elly didn't go to school, slept all day and cries that she can't see Grandma. Garrett is just crabby. We had plans for birthday supper this weekend and now that plan has changed, let's hope they get better soon. Elly tries to tell Shan she feels fine and she's all better just so she can come over and then 10 minutes later she is sleeping or crying because her head hurts. Poor Shan, what a way to spend your birthday but that is what a mom does and Shan is a wonderful mom. Happy Birthday sweetie, we love you and I will make your birthday supper next weekend.


Emmerichs Events said...

Awww. Poor girl (and kids) So much garbage is already going around. I hope they are better soon. As for house plants - I am exactly the same way. I have hundreds of plants outside that look awesome in summer. BUT - I kill every house plant I have ever had. One difference is I have given up. I try no more. However, that fern does look awesome there.

Jules said...

I don't have any house plants either, I kill every one of them!! What's up with that?

lbjohnston said...

The trick is to bring your outdoor plants inside when the outside temp matches the inside temp. ( or close to it). Once your plants have been outside in the cold weather, they get shocked when you bring them in. Then they fall apart and die in front of your eyes. So today, not listening to my own advice, I brought in my big begonia. So now I can slowly sweep up the remains all week!