Sunday, October 25, 2009

Miss Mallory and "K"

On Saturday Lynn and Mallory came over, "K" was still there and was "in love" with the baby. She had to hold her and she gave her kisses a couple times. She kept pointing to the baby and begging for her mom's attention to see her holding "the baby". BUT don't let her mommy or daddy hold the baby.... that was not good. She would crawl up on their lap and flick her hand towards Mallory like she wanted to push her off.

Lynn and Jody were so close while they were growing up it was fun to see their children together. I think when they grow up they will also play "classroom" or maybe "grocery store checkout" or just sit and write out receipts. ;)

These girls are not carrying the Hemmer gene at all, if they did there might be some resemblance. Mallory is a Emmerich and "K" is her daddy.

Even profiles are different.


Lynn said...

Hey now! Wouldn't you think Mallory was the coolest kid if you took her to Kmart and told to pick out one thing and she picks out a carbon copy receipt book!?! No?! LOL! Okay so I was a nerdy child - who thought writing out receipts and filing was fun! Jody and I are totally going to have to get together this summer so the girls can play! Right now there is a big "age" difference but in a couple years they will play like crazy!

Jody said...

Two beautiful girls. They must take after their Mamas. These two will have hours of fun together. Keltie will just love Mallory when she gets older. Hopefully she will get over the "get away" from my Mama and Daddy stage.