Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. Adam still likes to carve pumpkins, they just aren't very cute anymore.

We had a few trick or treaters tonight. Shawna came over with the boys just in time to rescue Shan from having to take El. Shan is not a Halloween person so this trick or treating stuff with a 6 and 1 year old is stressful stuff. Now she can hang out here with us and El gets to have a great time trick or treating with the boys and also gets to go to the Halloween party at the hall.

Mallory also came trick or treating, they are all so cute. I'll try to get pics up on the Hemmer Happening Blog before I leave for the week. I have to take a trip to Mexico for work, don't get excited it's not the fun relaxing Mexico. Where I'm going they don't serve Margaritas and Guacamole on the beach. Instead I get to scream when I see rats bigger than small dogs running through the alleyways..... ummm yeah not a fun time.

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