Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Collage

Collages are difficult for me to figure out the correct width and height but I'm determined to master them. This one I tried to have only horizontal pics but it didn't look right so I enlarged the canvas size and finished it with a vertical pic. Much better

Pictures are all cropped to a 2x7 size Horizontal and the vertical is a 2x10, and since I didn't have a border around the photos the canvas size is a 10x9 with a 2" black border. If you like collages and want to learn how, I could possibly be teach you during the photography hobbyist class.... see Monday's post to sign up now

I took these pictures on my nature walk while John, Ken and David tracked his deer Saturday night. I walked around the woods until it was getting kinda dark and the woods was starting to come alive.... I ran back to the shack where it was warm and safe, I am not a hunter or a brave girl!!

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