Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall means Football Games and Bow Hunting

A crisp fall morning at the football game with no rain..... what can be better than that? I practiced with my big zoom lens again, this is the crop right out of the camera. I felt like I was on the field with them. Our great nephew Josh played a great game and even got slugged in the leg by a blue guy after Josh tackled him.

Then late afternoon a wide eyed, fast driving camouflaged hunter screeched up to the house to blurt out the news of "he's big, he's wide, he's mine..... he's big Connie, he's big". We ventured back out to the shack and had a few beers waiting for an hour to pass by. "he's big, he's wide, he's big Connie" Did he mention that once already? If you don't have a hunter in your family you have no idea how many times they can repeat a hunting story in one hour and how excited and nervous they are until they find that deer. While we waited these two little ones came to check out the excitement.


Emmerichs Events said...

Oh those hunting stories. How many times do we hear the same ones over and over. I could just hear it when I was reading your post. I am sure you will hear this story for years to come.

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness. Guys are too funny! Now the fish face deer is on the right! hehehe!