Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Plastic Surgery Computer Style

I'm not sure why I'm showing you these horrible photos of me but I needed a wrinkly rough textured face to try out my plastic surgery computer style and what better face than my own on a day with no make-up, no shower, and a couple hours of working outside in the cold and wind. This face was a great subject for a little smoothing, now I'm not a magician so the hair was gonna have to stay "gross non-showered". I am not a no-shower girl nor am I a no make up girl, I have to take a shower everyday and I must put on at least eye liner, (no eye liner on the pic either) can you remind me why I'm doing this? Come on girls I know there is one make up item that if you must leave the house you have to put it on. Oh and eye brows must be tweased everyday... bad pic of me but nice eyebrows!!

Here is the bad pic of me with wrinkly rough skin, a.k.a. - no Bare Minerals Baby!! (SOOC)

Here is the same pic with plastic surgery to smooth the rough skin into a youthful complextion... now how do I get that every morning in real life? No other processing besides a closer crop.... wow what a difference huh, especially the eyes even without eye-liner.


Emmerichs Events said...

Isn't it amazing what you can do with that software. I just did something similar and I was amazed how good I looked. Too bad it's not "real". Don't kid yourself though - you look great even without the software.

Jules said...

cool beans. I wish it was that easy for real!

Lynn said...

Um, where in the world do you see wrinkles in the SOOC??? Oh I'm loving my new bare minerals eye shadow? Are you loving yours? The colors are yummy and warm!

I don't have a make-up must have... but I have to have earings!!! Have to have to!! I feel totally naked and scary looking if I don't have earings! And they have to be big earings! I don't even own a pair of stud earings... the bigger the better! Now that Mally knows how to reach and grab - my earings are her favorite! I need to break down and get me some studs... cuz I'm not going with naked ears! Gross!

The Rau's said...

Wow, when you take our family pictures can you do that to me?! It even looks like you put some lip gloss on!!

Anonymous said...

were do I sign up.... to turn back the time 20 years. wow... and ps I go out of the house all the time without makeup, and no shower.... on the week-ends anything goes. Unless of course it is someplace nice...LOL


Shannon Emmerich said...

Ok so seriously you look barely 30 in either pic Connie. I am jealous and that software is great...I cannot wait we need to do Ian's 3 year pics as his B-day is next month and we missed his 2 year check. Yep the third kid is getting ripped off again!! you look marvelous and keep adding pics I love reading the stories and seeing the family!