Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Pics

No tails or snouts growing on anyone here (swine flu) so we decided to set the date for pictures again. I am very pleased with the shots we got and can't wait to print them for my bare walls.

I bought these for a different reason but forgot to use them, I was so mad when I realized it. I decided to use them today and can't help but laugh at the results.

Thank you Shawna for being at the woods and able to help me take these, it gets really hard running back and forth while in self-timer mode. I really, really appreciated it.


Lynn said...

The last picture cracks me up! The eyebrows on Dad's!! Hahhahaha! The pictures turned out great!!

Emmerichs Events said...

Love em' - Both of them. Some of the pictures from our wedding (grand march) are with those same glasses. I will have to dig them out and post them sometime.

Anonymous said...

Wow - awesome pictures!! Is Adam engaged...noticed Michelle in the family picture?? Where's Kyle...was so hoping to see him with the family too??

The Rau's said...

all i can see is the eyebrows on john's forehead....maybe they just stick out more cuz he has more of a forehead than anyone else on the picture :)