Monday, October 5, 2009

Project Mallory and Hobbyist Class Update

Mallory was my subject for a practice session in low light using no flash and achieving catchlights. With winter fast approaching I have to accomplish indoor lighting, I am not a big fan and I think I suck at it. The Mallory project was at 5:45 but already my camera thought it needed to use the flash so I had to tell it otherwise. I needed lots more time and practice but every time I tried to hold Mally, play with Mally, take pictures of Mally she had other plans. She cried, the phone was for me, daddy stole her, Grandpa stole her, she filled her pants.... I finally gave up with my project and just snuggled with her and put her right to sleep. That was more fun anyway and I did get to learn abit of information from the pics I did get.

First picture taken at 5:43 in Auto Mode with flash creates flash dots in Mallory's eyes. Cute picture of Mallory but not what I want, her eyes are not pulling me in.

Second picture taken at 5:44 in Manual Mode with no flash creates catchlights in Mallory's eyes, richer skin tones and a brighter pink blanket with more texture due to the natural light coming through the window instead of a bright light drowning out the shadows. My focus is too soft so I needed to do some more adjustments but Miss Mallory thought that was enough. These eyes even being soft pull me right into her.

I am by far no expert or professional and do not claim to be, I am just a hobbyist trying to learn and share my passion.... and show off a few pics of the grandchillens once in awhile.

Speaking of sharing I am in the final stages of planning a photography class for hobbyist to learn and share with each other. What I know so far is the class will be held on Tuesday nights at, I'm thinking 6:00 or 6:30. It will be in town "M" close to the hospital area and start Oct 20th or 27th. Co-taught by myself and my niece Shawna. 12 or 6 weeks??? Everyweek or everyother week???? Now I need anyone interested in joining us to send me an e-mail at The class will start out with composition, flowing into your style, and learning the functions of your camera. There will be homework and I'd like to find a day to use models and practice what we learn. The class is not all about teaching and grading but more about sharing with each other and learning while having fun. Shawna and I are working on the

Send me an e-mail if your interested and also send me an e-mail if you would like to join us but the date, time, location doesn't work for you we'll pool the results and go from there. I'm excited about this and I think you will all have loads of fun and learn how to take better pictures while doing it.

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