Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh no!

Today I spent my morning taking Senior pics of "B". I had my little 50mm lens in my jacket pocket. I switched the lens on my camera to my little lens and placed the really expensive bigger lens in my jacket pocket so nothing would happen to it. I bent down to take his picture and crash my lens fell onto the sidewalk. No harm done, it was in one piece and didn't fall far since I was bent down. I used the 50mm for some time and then switched back to the bigger lens.... it wouldn't focus. I checked the settings to make sure something didn't get bumped in my pocket and tried it again. It took a picture, I looked at my screen and said "oh no" I took another pic just to confirm and more than oh no escaped from my lips. All I can say is thank goodness for insurance. I got home in time for John, I, Paul and Kathy to take a trip to EC to make a visit to the camera doctor. I kissed this little bugger goodbye and told him to be good and get well "I will see you in 2 weeks". Tears streamed from my eyes as I left the counter so John immediately took me over to the new lens sitting on the shelves waiting for someone to buy them. I fell in love with another one, and another one and another one.... oh I can't stop. I learned a lot about them and just how much dough I need to save in two weeks so when I pick up my lens maybe we can buy him a brother.... or a sister. A girl can never have too many lens (the sales guy like that).

This is SOOC, since there is no help for this photo but it will show you why those nasty words came from my mouth.

While in EC we ate at a Mexican restaurant that Lynn recommended, it was delish!! We took a trip to the mall.... the guys gave us 35 minutes as they drank 2 beers. We also piled into a photo machine for those funny photos in a strip, Paul says you can get 7 people in there but I'm not sure how. We had a blast despite my poor big lens being broken. Two weeks is gonna last forever. FYI - I do have 3 other lens but they just aren't the same. A good piece of "glass" (another name for a lens) makes all the difference.

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