Monday, October 26, 2009

When will it stop?

So this getting older stuff is for the birds. I don't mind any part of being over {four zero} except for the eyesight going and going and going.... when will it stop. I have had 20/20 vision my entire life so dealing with having to wear glasses to drive was a little hard to get used to, but I got myself a fun pair of sunglasses and a fun pair of regular glasses, they are in my truck for driving only and that's okay. I can't wear them all the time since I don't need them for normal vision and if I have them on I can't see to do things like walk or see peoples faces when I talk to them... just minor things like that.

Now since about August I have been having to wear cheaters to read small print and see other things that I used to be able to see without corrective lens. I would laugh at my sister Gayle for not being able to see things and having to wear her cheaters on top her head at all times.... no laughing anymore. I'm not quite that bad but I do wear them on my head at work and in the stores I may have to hold the box/bottle at arms distance to read the back directions (but I can still see it). When will this stop!!!

So I found at least one remedy for the eyesight going bad..... we bought a big TV.... I can see it now!! I can even read the guide without having to get up and stand directly in front of it. I'm not a TV person so it didn't really matter that we were watching a 19" screen from across the room (some computer screen that sit on your desk are 19") and sometimes I didn't even know what show was on unless I recognized the voice. Okay I'm kidding it really wasn't that bad but now with this huge monster in the house I get a tad seasick from all the motions happening and I certainly don't need glasses to see it. John and I like to point out things we never noticed before like the color is so much better, the focus is so clear, the background is noticeable, last night it looked like the bus on CSI's was coming right through the livingroom, the commercial has a big booming sound that echos through the house. We are probably way behind the times with getting a big TV and we probably would still be fine with the old one had we both not been getting OLD eyes!!

The first Hobbyist Photography Class is tomorrow night and I'm totally pumped with the response. I can't wait to share what I know and learn new things from everyone else. Besides the regular class subject (aperture), I will be teaching a photoshop trick, per request, the first trick will be adding a texture to your photo. Check out my latest texture.

Love this cow's pink eyes, he looks so sad.

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Jules said...

I am just learning textures too. I didn't email you because I thought you were doing more of the photography side of it and all i have is a little point and shoot. No settings there.I am, however, interested in the Photoshop side of it.....

I have had to use "cheaters as you say" for about 5 years now. It just keeps getting worse!