Sunday, November 1, 2009

Garrett is One on November One

As Elly and I sat on the curb waiting for the parade to start we talk

Me - "Elly I am so lucky"
Elly - "Why"
Me - "I get to see you three days in a row, that's the most days I have seen you in a long time"
Elly - "Is not Grandma, you used to see me everyday when I lived with you"
Me - "Wanna live with me again?"
Elly - "Yes, but can you tell mom?"
Me - "I think Mommy and Daddy might miss you so you better live with them"
Elly - "Yeah but I can come spend the whole weekend with you"

Garrett isn't quite as much a Grandma's boy as Elly is. He's more of a Momma and Grandpa's boy. He loves his blankie and if he's tired he will snuggle, even with Grandma. Happy 1st Birthday little Garrett Man.

See you all on Thursday


Anonymous said...

(to your see you on thursday) which will be another lucky day...have a Happy Anniversary!!!


Shannon E said...

ADORABLE and such a warm pic