Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family Peek

You have to love a young family with small children who have lots of energy. It's a great feeling to capture the time of their lives in a photo that they can hang on their wall to look back on in 15-20 years and wonder where the time went. I was that mom but I didn't have a family picture taken until Adam was about 5, Shannon 10 and Lynn 12. That picture will remain framed and displayed somewhere in my house forever. It's moments like this that we need to freeze so we can have them with us forever.

Meeting this family I can tell that "J" and "A" are loving being parents to the sweet "S" and "I". Today was suppose to be warm and a perfect day for pics.... it was damp and chilling, poor "S" he kept saying "I'm cold" and little "I" her teeth were chattering by the time we were done. Despite the cold they did super.

I like to capture the candid moments, they mean so much more than the posed shots. This one melts my heart.

I also tried it in Sepia to add a little more drama..... love it

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Jenny said...

The pictures look good! I can't wait to see the rest. Thanks again for taking our pictures; it was fun even though it was cold!