Friday, November 20, 2009

Nature at its best

Sometimes when you snap a photo you can tell "it's the one".... it's the one for what.... I'm not sure but "it's the one". I took a drive to the hunting shack and have driven by this woods a million times noticing the beauty that I see in it. This morning (Saturday) I happen to have my camera with me so I snap the moment so I can analyze it later to understand why I think this spot is so eye appealing to me.

Maybe it's the warm colors on the bottom of the photo and then gradually turns to the cool colors. Maybe it's the white birch positioned perfectly in the center of the photo. Maybe it's the fog preventing you from seeing to far into the woods. Maybe it's the hazy day bringing out the colors in everything. Maybe it's the textures. I'm still not sure what draws me to it but I know I love it and I think it needs to be printed on canvas {huge}.

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