Sunday, November 22, 2009

Foggy morning

I'm loving the weather we are having right now. I know it's suppose to be cold and clear with a light dusting of snow for the hunters but this weather rocks. I was outside in my bare feet this morning when Adam came home for a shower and he yelled at me "don't you know it's winter get some shoes on!!"

Yesterday morning the fog was so thick by us you couldn't see to the end of the driveway, it made for some fantastic photos as I drove around the block a couple times. With this thick fog the hunters were all in their shacks with long faces and I was the only one "shooting". :)

1 comment:

arturlington said...

I love you pics! Knowing that you use photo shop, do you recommend a certain type of running system, or certain qualities in computers that make it fun faster/or more user friendly?