Monday, November 9, 2009

Beautiful Day & The Ahhhh Haaaaaa Moment

Took my camera out at lunchtime to work on my homework for class tomorrow night. This photo has nothing to do with the subject we are learning in week 2 (shutter speed) but it is great for week 1 (aperture) and I liked it. Putting together the assignment and discussion has forced me to get "it".... I got the "ahhh haaa" moment yesterday as I was working on the class information. I have read tons of information about ISO, aperture and shutter speed and how they work together but struggle to fully understand it. I know "it" enough to get by but getting "it" hasn't happened for me until now. I've read blogs and forums about people getting the "ahhhh haaa" moment and was hoping some day that it would happen to me. It will take me some practice but getting "it" feels good. Now my lunches may be spent at the river chasing geese and ducks into the water trying to freeze their splash!! :)

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Shannon EEEEEEE said...

This would make a GREAT calendar pic for the next year Connie --hint hint...I have all of mine hanging at work and I don't want to take them down....think of putting it for a NOV pic!!