Friday, November 6, 2009

Upside Down

It's been so long since I posted it's feeling kinda weird. My trip to Mexico was.... well let's just say "interesting". I would love to be able to take my camera with me and have the driver stop a dozen or a million times so I could show you all what I see, but that ain't gonna happen so let's try this. At my niece Shawna and Mike's wedding I had my fancy film camera and was so "into" taking pictures that I took tons of them during the ceremony, after, dinner.... and then the moment happened. I realized I never put film in the camera!! I get teased to this day when we talk about Shawna's wedding everyone tips their heads up, closes their eyes and acts like Stevie Wonder while looking at my pictures.... yeah they aren't very nice :) Ooppps sorry a little ramble there. Okay back to Mexico and a few of the highlights.
As we drive in the baby goats graze under the bridge.... I see them on the menu's, and actually had a guy eat one while I sat across from him.... it came to the table with a broken leg, plopped onto on table and the Mexican man smiled at me. I turned white and shrank in my chair.

The streets are hard mud with houses on top of houses. If someone builds a house you can build next to it and only have to build 3 walls. Every alley I look down there is a skinny dog laying on the road, along with so much trash you couldn't even imagine picking it all up. People walking no matter what time it is, people cooking on the street corners no matter what time it is. The kids are always walking to or from school and those kids are all in uniforms and look so cute and snazzy. If it rains the hard mud becomes deep puddles of what looks like raw sewage and they walk right through it.

We no longer have our liaison escorting us into Mexico so we have to do things that I'm not used to doing like eat in their cafes. I usually don't eat all day long because I am so picky.... yep I bet you didn't know that about me!! But I would have offended them had I not eaten so I had to take a plate and join them. Let's just say again "Interesting" I did eat some but I know how to shuffle food around on my plate and look like I'm eating but not really.

The girls and guys that work in the factories have awesome shoes.... I love their shoes!! They are dressed to the hilt, full make-up and look so cute. Me on the other hand, sticks out like a sore thumb with my blonde hair and white skin. They all turn and look at me with smiles, I can't stray to far away from my escort or they all know. I talk to them everyday on the phones and have gotten to know many of them very well, one guy wanted me to stay for 2 weeks to help him out.... I'd be really skinny if that would happen :)

I don't mind visiting them but really like coming home. It was a very long week with early mornings and late nights but I'm back, even if things are a little upside down yet, but with this little man showing me his new trick makes everything all better.

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Emmerichs Events said...

Glad you're back. Welcome home. Sounds like a place for a lot of good photos and maybe a National Geographic article?!?