Thursday, November 19, 2009

:) News

Have you been wondering what all the smiley faces have been for in the last 2 posts? I've been holding out news from you guys, only a short time, don't be mad. For those of you that talk to me know that I have not been happy in my job since January 7th, 2009. Sad when I can remember the exact date. Well today I gave my 2 week notice, I am quitting. YEAH!!!!

I have another job and have only been working on this since Saturday. I don't have to move, I don't have to drive, I can like my job again, I'll be happy again, I'll feel like going to work. I need to work (I found that out this summer) and be appreciated for what I do and I have had that for the last 25 years but this last year has had it's challenges, I've worked through them but certainly not what I'm used to.

My last day is December 4th, I'm sure there will be lots of tears, there already was today. The anxiety that I had when I turned in my resignation paper was unbelievable, but it was fabulous!!!! I have been smiling since Monday and people were starting to wonder why, so I'm glad the process went fast. My co-workers and customer have shared numerous phone calls, e-mails and hugs with me, when they heard the news. They all do not want me to leave but understand and are happy for me, one coworker has already went as far as calling their friend at the new job place and telling them how rotten I am and how they should retract that offer. I feel so bad for leaving them behind and have had an extremely hard time making the decision just because of that reason. I am good at what I do and hopefully the ones who didn't appreciate it will realize that when I'm gone. For those that did appreciate me will become stronger.

I can't wait to start my new adventure.


Lori W said...

Congrats Connie. Saw ya this mornin'
have a good weekend!!

Jody said...

Kevin told me the good news yesterday. We are happy for you. Best luck in your new adventure.

Love ya,

Lynn said...

Whoohoo! Cheers to a new fun chapter!!

Lynn said...

I'm just sitting here thinking about you and your new adventure and I just have to say... isn't it funny how in the moment you were so hurt, sad, frustrated, couldn't understand why this was happening. But NOW looking back... God totally had his hand on all of this!! This just didn't happen by accident... there was a plan for you!! And now you finally get to see those plans after all your patience and waiting! Exciting Stuff!! : )

Wendy Blank said...

I am so excited for you...and i ditto what lynn says above....such a wise young have so much to be grateful for...i am proud of you and i know you will make us proud too!!!

Patti said...

That is great!! Do you know what I love about you?? You find something that you are passionate about and you go in full balls!! I know you will be great at whatever you do.

Good job (no pun intended) and congrats!!


Photos by Julee said...

Connie - Congrats.... I am so happy for you. Good luck in your new job. Can't wait to hear all about it. PS - Lynn is so right. God did have a hand in it. Sometimes we must go through the tough times to appreciate the good that much more.