Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chasing Ducks

In class tonight I told the gals and guy about my duck chasing while I practiced with my shutter speeds and how I didn't bring any examples since they weren't what I would consider "good enough" to show anyone. You are your worst critic and I certainly am living proof of that. So tonight I decided to post one of the photos so the class, and the rest of you, could see how the slow shutter speed captured the movement of the ducks wings and splashing water.

I know many of you wanted to see photos of "me" chasing the ducks in my high heels while eating my sausage that I brought for lunch, listening to my i-pod, and screaming "not so fast", while trying not to trip since my camera was up in front of my face the whole time so I could save a second or two when the ducks finally splashed in the water..... got that visual yet? If not drive by the river between noon and 1, and someday you may be able to catch me practicing again.

As you can see SOOC this is a photo I would be pleased with. My eyes have no interest in this photo because they don't know where to look. The first place my eyes go to is the rocks....should I look at the rocks, or maybe the splashing duck or the ducks swimming away. Nothing about this photo appeals to me so that is why I chose to not show the class, it wasn't "good enough".

But since today is Photoshop Tuesday I opened the photo back up tonight and decided I was going to do something with it to change my mind. First get rid of those rocks. Then create a mood.... make the colors pop. And the last thing was to create darker edges and I love it. Now my eyes start at the splashing duck and move to the duck on the right and circle right around to the duck at the top and then last to the duck on the far left, forcing my eyes to view the entire photo in a circular motion with a pleasing effect.

So class..... go chase some ducks

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