Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fence Friday

On Friday's I have a challenge of taking a photo of a fence.  Any fence will do and the same fence will do every Friday as long as I can make it look different and not the same ole fence looking the same ole way every Friday.  But that would be boring so I try to get John to go for a Jeep ride to look for fences that are calling my name.  Well it didn't work this week, it was too busy to find a fence so the ones in my yard would have to do.  The flag is still out for Memorial Day.

And just for a bonus we get another little white fence.  

Ready for a weekly challenge for yourself, your blog, or just because.  Join me in Fence Friday and take a photo of a fence every Friday.  It's not as easy as it sounds, well it's not for me anyway since I'm a bit picky about my fences.  

Took pictures of two of my favorite girls this weekend for their birthdays, I'll have them up on the blog this week.  They are so cute and the best part is Grandma's snuggle time after.

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