Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beautiful Summer Night

Tonight was a cloudy day but not much wind and it was warm so that's a plus in my book.  We had a weekend with not much going on.  Friday night my sister Sharon and her son Jarrod were here for a visit with Jarrod's girlfriend Ellyn.  We all met up and had a great visit, it's been since last summer when they were here so it was great catching up.  Got home late and up early this morning, working in the flower beds and on some Jazzed Up Junk all day..... I loved it.  I painted until it was too dark to see anymore, John was willing to set up a spotlight by the fire so i could continue.... I didn't take him up on the offer but it would have been nice.  

I walked back to the pond and seen the solar lights and had to grab my camera for some dark shots.  I loved how they turned out.  The shutter was open for about 3 minutes but it was worth it.

This is a bit closer shot.

And one more of another light

Beautiful lights, beautiful summer night.

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The Thomas Family said...

Beautiful pics Connie - it feels really dreamy :)