Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family sneak peek

 This family came back for Rylee's 6 month photos and had a few fun shots while they were here.  Wyatt and his daddy were first up while Rylee got comfortable.  

How could you not love a shot like this.... Wyatt will treasure this photo forever.

Rylee was ready to shine, well kinda.  Last time she came she was so sick and didn't enjoy her pictures at all.  This time she was curious about everything and made us work for every little smile.  

Momma loving up on her little girl.  Such a smily little girl when she's in mommas arms.  Look at that glow.

She was smiling at Daddy as he "I'm gonna hufffff and pufffffff and bloooooowwwww your house in" she loved it and would giggle like crazy.  

This family was so fun and the kids were great, no tears at all.  

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