Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jazzed chalkboards

A hot item for this year is chalkboards and I already love them so I'm making a few for Jazzed Up Junk sale.  I have been collecting tons of frames and when John said "you need to get rid of some of this junk" I knew just what to do with them....... CHALK BOARDS!!  Here is one that I love and will have a hard time taking out of my house to sell.  Don't worry there are many more that will be there.  I have this one set on the breakfast bar along with my celery salt shaker (aka vase) and our very special angel. Everyone that comes into the house comments on how fun it is.  

Save the date for JAZZED UP JUNK  July 25th 4:00 and again on Thursday July 26th.  If you want to see some fun stuff you better be there.  I'm done with my audit at work so it's back to junking this week and I'll try to get more photos up on the blog for you to see what's coming in the sale.  

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