Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mallory is 3 years old

Our granddaughter Mallory is 3 years old.  We are so lucky to have 4 wonderful grandchildren that love to come spend time with us.  They see us and have to run into our arms with hugs and kisses (well sometimes they play hard to get).  Mallory is 3 this month and it's hard to believe it's been that long.  She is our girly girl.  She doesn't like bugs but doesn't like wearing anything that resembles a dress.  This shirt was very dress like.... we bribed her to wear it.  

Of course there must be a party planned...... she woke up with a huge cold.  Max's party was cancelled due to sick children so at least Mallory got sick the week before hers.  Let's hope she's better by Saturday.  She has the sores on the upper lip from runny nose and licking lips.  Poor little girl.

She doesn't like her picture just like Elly but she did well about every 5th picture.  Here she was trying to ignore a bug that got a little to close to her.  

She a head tipper..... always tipping her head when you tell her to smile.

Her busy momma always has the fingernails painted.  This time they were a bit worn off but the flower was still showing on her ring finger..... seriously who takes the time to paint a flower on a 3 year olds fingernails..... her momma and her toenails were painted to match.  

We are very blessed with our 4 grandchildren, they are our world.  Our life would not be the same without them.  We raised our girls to be awesome mommy's. 

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