Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Family Sneak Peek

I'm going to try to get a couple sneak peeks up tonight, the darn internet is so slow at downloading this week it's driving me crazy.  Hope these were worth the wait.

On Saturday morning it was a bit chilly so I wrapped the kids in a blanket until we were ready for them while mom and dad held them in tight.  I set up my camera with them in the blanket and I just love how it turned out.  Sometimes it's the informal photos the mean the most.   

Here they are after the blanket was removed... all cute and stuff

This was Grandma's idea to have photos taken with her grandchildren, the morning light is perfect behind them and the look of early fall is going to make a gorgeous photo for her wall.

More snuggling with the blanket

Kids were getting warmed up and rowdy so we took some time out to play.  I told Jill he was a very good dad, he had so much patience for the kids it was so fun to watch him play.  Jill just giggled at me.  The kids really tried his patience, he got hit in the chin two times, by two different kid's heads at two different locations.... ouch!!  I even caught one of them when it happened.  

Grandma didn't care if everyone was looking, she just wanted memories.... the kids were about done by now so we shot away...... gotta love that little boy silliness.  LOVE IT

Mom, Daughter and Granddaughters

This grandma is amazing, during break the kids ran in her house for a snack and Madison came out with a cookie.  We talked about her cookie and she said "Grandma always has cookies for me"  I said "wow that's a good grandma, I don't do that for my grandkids"  Grandma said "that is one thing I promised them is to always have cookies in the house for them when they come over"  

What a great memory for them to have when they visit Grandma and Grandpa

Before I left we were chatting in the driveway and the oldest daughter Madison came out and told me I was the best photographer ever and I made it really fun for them....... awwwwwh so sweet but really the best part is watching families be themselves and most important is making sure they have fun.

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