Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elly and Garrett

Friday night Garrett and Elly had a "sweep over" as Garrett calls it.  They were pretty tired and after a movie they got to sleep in Uncle Adam's bed..... treat!!  

Saturday morning we had lots to do before they were off to a birthday party so we braved the cold morning and took a couple pics so I can update my wall along with Max and Mally.  Elly likes to play dress up at my house and this is the dress she wears all the time.  When she is over she changes into all my dresses and high heels.  She walks around like it's normal to wear my clothes.  Grandpa just rolls his eyes at her and her girly stuff.

Garrett just likes his 4 wheeler rides and hanging out in the garage with Grandpa.

Love these two

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