Monday, September 3, 2012

Photo Overload

This long Labor Day Weekend we spent every moment outside..... It was beautiful out there and if we weren't in the Jeep we were on the water.  I didn't take many pictures until this morning, we spent the night with Gayle and Bill at their camper and got up before the sun to drive to a secret location, laid on a blanket eating M&M's for breakfast and watching the sun come up.  Here it's only about 7:00am so it's just light, no warm colors yet.

I wandered around to see how much is changing with fall coming so quickly, I don't sit still very well and my M&M's were gone   :)

After about 45 mins the sun was finally coming above the trees and it was beautiful to watch.  

Here is the same corner that is in the photo above, it's amazing how the morning sun can change everything.

Oh this view......

is something......

we will never get enough of.