Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cottage Opening

Last Sunday we had our kids and grandkids come see the cottage for the first time.  Along with them more family came up to see.  They came by car and by water..... my sisters put their kayaks in at the wayside and found us that way.  John had put in the firepit and I bleached down the kitchen and bathrooms... we are set.  When I was showing my sisters the inside I looked out the patio door and seen people wandering on all over..... you couldn't wipe that smile off my face.  

Garrett and Ellyn loved throwing rock in the river from our little island but at that time I didn't have my camera out.  Don't worry I will have more time up there with them to capture that.  Starla and Gayle continued down the river to check it out and when they got back Lynn and Jesse took them for a float.   I feel kayaks are in their future, because it is sooooo fun.

Mallory wanted to go too

She loved it too

And Max

Starla and Gayle heading back to the truck.

When Garrett and Ellyn left Garrett cried and didn't want to leave.  He says "Grandma can we come back again, I really like it here"   YES we can!!

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Laura's Journey said...

Cherish the cottage memories, like we cherish the cabin memories!