Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BBBS Ladies Night Out 2012

Saturday night was the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Ladies Night Out Event.  There were so many vendors there with fantastic products to offer to all who attended.  

I paired up with Reflections Hair Designs and Renewal Day Spa, they fixed up the Ladies hair and touched up their makeup and then they came over by me for a couple shots to remember their night...... Vintage Style.
I can't get enough of this type of photo so if you are in love with them as much as I am there are many more to come.  This young lady could come back for her photo taken by me every day of the week...  Love her big eyes, she's rocking the natural young girl look...

She came back with her mom and they both blew me away.   What a way to start the night.

One word - BEAUTIFUL

Same for this gal

Here is the gal behind the scenes of the BBBS Event.... the event was so much fun and it's all thanks to her and she is quite pretty too.

My sister-in-law Elaine was there as support for her friend above her and to also serve the wine...... oh yeah that was set up right in front of me.  I tried one of the wines and got a bit embarrassed..... they served it in a plastic shot glass and of course I slammed that wine back like a shot without even thinking..... wine is to be sipped not slammed.  And of course there were ladies watching who giggled a bit when they seen it.  {big red face}

Cute Little Lady

And her older sister is just as cute.

This gal blew me away, she is so pretty and expecting another baby girl..... must be the momma glow she has.

Yep we had a bit of fun with these glasses.  Naughty teacher or Naughty school girl???  Either way she  is gorgeous.  

Shawna helped me again and we had so much fun, thank you Shawna I love spending time with you and next year I think we are signed up for the scarf demo   :) 

 If you missed this event you must come next year.   I will work though all the ladies as quickly as I can so if you don't see your photo keep checking back it will be up soon.

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