Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jesse and Lynn Sneak Peek

 Lynn is very good about getting her family photo taken every year and Jesse is one of those guys that does not mind at all.  We went to my sister's old barn and took a few casual shots.  Mallory was a melty mess when we were trying to get them ready at my house but the ride to Gayle's she turned into her sweet little self and did fantastic.  Max of course is always smiling.

Lynn wanted a vintage look for something fun so she is wearing my vintage lace dress and Mallory is wearing my 1st Communion dress and Lynn's shoes when she was little.

Lynn with Maxwell.  He was a bit restless so she starting reciting a favorite story to him and he calmed right down.  

Mallory is good at serious looks.   I totally LOVE this photo

Of course we can't forget dad's turn with Maxwell

And Mallory

I brought along old song books and of course these two had to take a break and read them.  Mallory reminds me so much of Ellyn, everytime she would see a book she would have to sit down and read it. One Halloween parade a local church handed out a book at the beginning of the parade and there Elly sat on the curb looking at the book and never paid any attention to the rest of the parade.  That is going to be Mallory this year so please do not hand out books at the parade :)

Maxwell being silly

My mom made that dress for me and she would be so proud to see Mallory wearing it even if it was only for pictures.  It is still in really good condition and still white :)

Couple more..... because these are very special people in my life :)

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Tina M. said...

The last one is my favorite. I love little Mallory holding the parasol.