Sunday, September 23, 2012

Family Sneak Peek

The other night when we had a break between rain storms I meet up with this family to quickly get some family photos done.  When I say quickly that's exactly what it was, the girls were so good and we had two changes of clothes.

The first location and the first sitting I knew we had a good photo and if we didn't get anymore they wouldn't be disappointed.  

But since the weather was giving us a longer window we took advantage of it.

We had time for the second change of clothes but it's looking pretty blue to the north.....

But with this the lighting is great for photos.....  Even if the girls were being perfect we had a bit of fun with them to distract from the normal smiles.

At this point Addison is beginning to get a bit nervous about the storm.... so we quickly did a few more and ran for the trucks.

There wasn't any time for chit-chat and just as we shut our doors the winds and rains started.  As I drove home the winds swirled around in the road and I was nervous if I should drive through them little tornados.  The rain hit the windshield fast and then it started to hail, I kept on driving.... racing to get ahead of it.  As I got home I ran for the garage where Adam and John were and we watched the storm whip through the yard...... another limb down behind the garage and the portable fire pit was swirled around and landed up in a cedar tree.  The corn field next to us was flattened and branches are down at the neighbors.... I heard on Friday that one of the neighbors seen the funnel cloud that night just 1 mile from us.  As quickly as it came it was gone but these photos show a perfect break that we happened it hit just right.

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