Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Titus and a beautiful family

I love this family.  They are the cutest family and nailed their family picture. 

Madelyn and Bennet LOVE their little Titus

And the star of the show....... Mr Titus is 6 months old.

And full of smiles

He was so relaxed and still that when we laid him on his back he just laid there still as can be.  I wanted him to bend in half and play with his feet like most 6 monthers do.... No he waited to do that when they were putting his shirt back on to go home. 

Bennet wanted his shirt off just like Titus so he could show his muscles too.  He ran around without his shirt so of course I needed to get him back in front of the camera and Madelyn isn't far behind him.  She said she wasn't taking her shirt off though.  LOL

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