Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Frozen Family

Jackie has been trying to schedule these photos for a long time.  With 4 kids it's tough to do, so tonight when it was cold and windy we ventured out anyway.  I was excited for the cloudy skies being my gigantic soft box and the snow being a natural reflector of light.  Mom brings them in colorful shirts and we shoot really fast.  There isn't much time for posing or keeping hair in the right place under these conditions and these kids nailed it and don't even look that frozen. 

The twins are both missing their front teeth so their little smiles are too cute.

Mom even got in a few of them.  This is my favorite from the session.

Twins from birth, friends forever....

Mr Max had to be bribed for a single photo but he came back out of the car took off his coat and hat and smiled as big as he could and as fast as he could.  He was ready to be done and he wanted his treat.  I bet he didn't pick ice cream :)

Thank you Jackie for accepting the challenge and being a great mom, your kids are adorable.  

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