Monday, March 21, 2016

Ice and Water Up North

A few weekends back we were up north for a gorgeous day.  The sun and warmth started to melt the ice that was on the river.  Chucks would break loose and float down trying to fit through the open water.  

Some would make it some wouldn't.  When the ice would hit this section in front of us it would make this huge noise and start to pile up.  Very cool to sit in a lawn chairs wearing t-shirts and enjoying the break up.

By the end of the day all these small patches of snow were gone.

I thought it looked so cool with John standing down there.

In the afternoon we took a drive to the Rapids to see what was happening there.  Seeing this rushing water made me realize we were nuts last summer coming down this in kayaks.

But of course I'm ready to do it again...... 

We were kinda crazy this day too.  We are walking on ice from the river.  On a very warm day...

Here you can see the raging river and the ice John is standing on what looks like it should be part of the river.  It's not normally the river but I'm thinking in the spring it IS part of the river.

Some of the ice was broke and water was rushing under it.  We didn't walk there :)

We were still recovering from the flu so after a hike we needed to rest. 

Great weekend for some sunshine and heat.... just what the doctor ordered to help knock that flu bug out of us.  

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