Friday, September 18, 2015

I scared a bird to death

Last night when I got home I quickly put my stuff in the house and came right outside.  I was a nice afternoon and I needed to get out there and enjoy it.  I walked out the door and seen a big bird right in front of me.  He scared me, I scared him...... I screamed, he flew 100mph into the garage window.... 

this results in dead bird on the porch.  

Me home alone not wanting to touch a dead bird, knowing it was a partridge and I remember back in the day knowing how tasty they were I called John and Adam to whomever got my message to come "take care of this thing".  

My quick responder was pretty proud of this bird.  He watched the whole cleaning process with the widest eyes ever...... he's BOY for sure.  

His daddy can't wait to take him hunting, but until he's old enough I guess Grandma will have to scare them to death.  

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