Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Thomas Family

Mindy came to my house as a little girl, little did I know then that she would become a good friend of mine.  She is the sweetest mom, wife and friend that you could ask for.  She shares my love of photography and challenges me to do something fun when it's time for Naomi's annual pictures.  This year she started school so of course the school theme is a must.  And yes I had this desk in my garage just waiting for the perfect opportunity.  

I asked Naomi to make a Cinnamon Roll.  Twist everyone into each other and this is the result of her Cinnamon Roll.  

They are a super cute family

Silly girl

I had a full card and had to run back to the truck to get a new card and this is what I see on my way back.  Super cute unexpected moments.  

Mindy you have an amazing family and you are an AMAZING girl.  Don't ever change and I'm honored to be your friend and the photographer to capture your beautiful loving family.  

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Mindy Thomas said...

Thanks friend for capturing these beautiful little moments. Love them and you ❤️