Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Struttin' Male

A trip around the woods in the Jeep with my camera sometimes ends up with wildlife photos and most of the time that is when we don't see a thing.  If you want to see deer leave the camera at home.  

At the cabin we have trails around the woods that are about 1 mile around.  One of John's daily adventures is to take the Jeep out and see what's out there, sometimes I go with and sometimes he does his lap before I get home from work.  With the daylight lasting longer we might even get a walk or two in on the trails during the week.  With all the traffic out there the trails are packed pretty hard, no snowshoes required.  This evening we took a quick spin around and I loved the sunsetting behind the trees and the path of light it is leaving on the snow.

About half way around John noticed a partridge and he's strutting his stuff.  I've never seen a partridge do that before so it was kinda cool him walking back and forth spinning the feathers on his neck.  He thought he was hot stuff.......

And then he gave us the ole' tail treatment.  Of course he stayed behind all the branches so I couldn't get a really clean shot of him.

Partridges struttin' their stuff has to mean spring is in the air, or he was scared of the white jeep and this is his defense mechanism.   

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