Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ava 4 years old

Little Ava is going to be 4.... not sure how that can be already.  She has always been a fantastic picture taker, she doesn't mind getting her picture taken and she will mimic me with just about anything which makes my job so easy.  

Here is Ava in her Lemonade outfit.  She is a very smart little girl has a big imagination and lemonade was on her mind with this yellow outfit.

Love bracelets on little girls..... and this girls hair is so long.  

Ava wanted her momma with her for a few pictures. 

This little girl would play dress up all day long.

Who would have thought we'd be using a dial telephone for some vintage charm.  Now why didn't we all save them phones???  

This is my favorite

Ava's grandma and great grandma came over to watch her get her pictures taken.  I think she made grandma greats day.  She loved watching this process and I'm sure she can't wait to get Ava's picture hanging on her brag board.

Love you Ava girl and the sledding we did after pictures was just as fun even though you gave me a wet lap from your drippy snow pants.

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runwyoming said...

Adorable. You are so gifted and talented!