Sunday, March 3, 2013

Photo Club Clicks

I and a few other clicking girls have started a photo club that meets once a month.  We pick a spot to click away and I have 3 different challenges for them to boost their awareness of what is in front of their lens.  I have to say that right now once a month is not nearly enough, we all love to get out to shoot, talk photography and enjoy a few beverages.  This group is fun and nothing serious gets done for the 2 hours.  Everyone uses their own creativity and the only thing required to attend this club is you need to have fun.   This month we went to the Fire Hall, we were all very excited to uncover it from behind our lens.  

I let them shoot for the first 5 mins with no directions.  

This site melted my heart.  They all have photos of their loved ones in their cubbies but this one was right out in front like he wants her to be the one he sees every time he heads out to help someone else in need.  

And this little cutie came along with mommy so I spent a bit of time chatting with her.  She didn't have much to say but she couldn't help but be stinkin' cute.

The old fire truck was in the other room with very little light but I kinda like the way it turned out.

I give them 3 different missions to accomplish during the night.  One at a time and they get 10 minutes to accomplish the mission.  Here are some of mine from those missions.

It's hard not to have one of the other gals in your shot but I took this one on purpose for the reflection in of her in the truck.   

Why does a fire truck need a fire extinguisher?  

If you're up for a super fun night once a month with about 15 other gals let me know and I'll send you the details.  Fancy camera not required we don't talk camera settings we are just out to create fun and build up our creativity in photographs.  

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