Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Miss Reaghan 1 year - Sneak Peek

Little Miss Reaghan is turning one.  I don't think her grandma is ready for her to turn one but she's doing it...... and pretty darn well I might add.

Reaghan's mommy brought along some items she wanted to use in the photos.  This tutu along with no shirt and Reaghan's great, great grandmothers pearls.  Dad wasn't impressed with the idea but of course what mom says wins.  

She has the cutest curls in the back so of course we had to freeze them in photos.  

Little antique look for those antique pearls.

Reaghan has the bluest eyes ever.

And the cutest darn family.  Doesn't Reaghan look so comfortable up there?

Love this look on Miranda's face.

It was time to take a break and play with her book and she sat right down like this.  Grandma says "I love when she sits like that" so of course I have to make sure Grandma can always remember the way she sits at age one because we all know these little ones don't sit for long after they start to walk.  

She is quite the girl with silly little faces and this was a face of "I'm done with these pictures"

Thank you Miranda, you're family is beautiful and I had a great time catching up with you on Saturday night and Sunday morning.  

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LisaS said...

You are right my friend.. I am not ready for my little miss to turn one.. but she is.... I j
ust do not know were this past year has gone.
You once again have done a GREAT job on the photos.. You know how to capture each moment and freeze time... if only for a moment..

Love L