Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 5 - Week of Love

I'm sure you're all tired of this week of love, I have to admit I'm a bit sorry I promised a photo a day of love cuz it's tough to do.  Thank goodness my wonderful hubs got me flowers today so I had something else to take a photo of.  I'm not a decorator for the holidays person so that leaves me with "making" a photo every night along with "taking" it.  

But who doesn't love tulips..... with a water droplet on it and a fun curly leaf.

It was a nice surprise to get the flowers at work from John.  I didn't expect them at all so that makes them that much more special.

John said I was lucky to get them.  I'm thinking hummmmmmm what did I do wrong?  

While at the flower shop....

Florist - "want to take them with you?"
John - "no have them delivered to my wife"
Florist -  "Julie"
John - "no Connie"
Florist - "oh I get those two mixed up all the time"

For those who don't know the family I have a cousin Julie who many people think we look alike.  Apparently they even mix up our husbands.   I'll take the compliment anytime to look like Julie, makes me smile every time it happens. 

I seen Julie one day a few weeks ago and she told me this story of her at Walmart.  Julie goes through the checkout....

Checkout girl - "weren't you just here"
Julie - "no"
Checkout girl - {looking at the door}, "you were just here"
Julie - "no I wasn't"
Checkout girl - {still straining her neck to look out the door and seeming very confused}
Julie - {just giggling}

I must have just went through the same checkout aisle, seriously we don't look that much alike anymore.

Happy Valentine's Day, I hope this day finds you blessed with family love and warm memories.


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jules said...

Awe....I take it as a compliment every time. ♥