Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Shower

Monica's family had a wonderful baby shower for the kids on Saturday.  With two large families it was quite the job.

Here is the cute cake and it was very good.  I don't like cake but I even ate this one.

I'm not even sure I got everyone in this shot I think there were two more tables to the left and all the guys were downstairs so double this......

They got so many nice gifts they were here for awhile opening.  Monica showing me the blanket  Grandma Fran made them.  She makes the same blanket in the same colors for everyone of her great grandchildren.

Adam didn't know his first Jeep would be a stroller.  I'm sure him and Junior will take it four wheeling and get the tires full of mud.

Adam will make a good dad, he is playing with Mallory when he opens the box and she was just a giggling.  

Adam's best bud got there a bit late but gave him lots of attention.  They went to High School together, roomed together when they went to tech school and have been there for each other through good times and bad.  Nothing like a best friend to share in your special days.

Adam trying on the babies hats

and bibs

These two will make great parents.  So many nice gifts and great family to share in welcoming their little boy.  Now since the little one is getting restless in Monica's tummy let's just pray that he stays there a bit longer.  He's a bit little to be born yet, besides that it's too cold out here stay in momma's tummy where it's nice and warm.

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