Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 1 - Week of Love

February is the month of Love but I'll be doing a week of Love.

Mally and Maxwell were over today and we made hearts with folded paper and then taped them to a string.  Mally thought it was great.  I made her hold the hearts up so long she got tired and started to ignore me and watched tv instead.  I stood her in front of the patio doors and blew out the background.  She was so cute in her pink sweater and fun multi-fabric skirt.  Her hair is slowly growing back, it took 3 years to grow that hair and with her it might take 6 years to grow it back.

I had the kids hold candy hearts in their hands for me to take the picture but Maxwell had another agenda..... he was licking it as fast as I could pull his hand down and place it where I wanted it.  I giggled so hard and he did it that much faster so finally if you can't win with a 1.5 year old you might as well join them.  

Then I laid the heart on his leg and told him not to touch it until I said he could.  I would slowly move my hand off the heart and he would start to grab for it.  I said "no Max - no touch" and he would back off then I'd move and he'd start to grab.  I was laughing so hard cuz I felt like I was training a puppy not to eat the treat until allowed.  Somehow I think training a puppy would be easier than Max.

Happy Day 1 of Love Week

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