Sunday, February 24, 2013

Three Sweet Boys = Sneak Peek

I've been taking photos of this family for a few years now and was very excited when I got the call they were expecting and would let me know when their new baby arrived.  Well he's here, another sweet little boy to join this family.

They've been a bit busy building a new house, moving over the holidays and getting ready for the birth of Oliver.  The older brothers couldn't be more excited about their little brother.  Beau the older boy is all about pictures and telling me everything about Grandma's cows.  While mom was feeding Oliver I learned his cow is named Peanut Butter, Max has a cow named Honey and then there was a Black cow without a name.  Well him and I gave that cow to Oliver and named him Chocolate, I hope you don't mind Grandma.  :)

Max had a scratch on his forehead that was from his brother and I could photoshop it out but memories between brothers and meant to be remembered.  We all know there will be many more.

Their bedroom was gorgeous and had tons of light.  

Daddy trying to comfort Oliver in between pictures, entertaining the boys, and making pizza.

Momma and her sweet little boy having a moment together.

Brand new babies make the best faces and what's better than to capture them in photos.  

A fun collage for the new family.

Thank you for letting me share your Saturday morning, enjoy your new house and your growing family.

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