Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big Family Sneak Peek

Coming from a large family I think there is nothing better than lots and lots of kids.  When the mom's and dad's come here with their big clan they apologize a million times for the kids even when I think they are being good.  These kids were really good, they had the wiggles but what kid doesn't and when you have to coordinate your wiggles with 5 other kids someone is bound to be wiggling at the wrong time.   Well just like my story yesterday.... this mom just wanted them all together even if they had the wiggles.   

The little two are twins and poor Cain is a bit shy and didn't want to take his hands off his face so Ava covered her ears.

Then she covered her eyes to look like Cain.

Cain did eventually uncover his eyes but it had to be on his terms and sit on the stool he wanted to sit on.  Oh well whatever it takes.  

These two are not the smiley type, they are what you call serious models :)

Ava being the only girl needs her photo taken with Mommy

The 4 little ones.... again on Cain's terms

We tried another family shot and then since the wiggles were happening I just told them to get all the wiggles out and talk to the person next to them.  Poor little Ava must have this happen a lot at home with all those brothers.

Mr Serious

Miss Serious

Oh I think we cracked him.....

and her...

 Mom and Dad had about 2 minutes of peace

The two older boys had a few poses they wanted to do and this was one of them.  I love it when the kids want to be a part of the planning.

Since they were all the perfect height for this we did a fun shot.

Thanks Heather and Jimmy your kids are really fun and I totally mean that!!

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