Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby B is here

I have become what I consider very close to this family.  It started with taking photos of their little girl as she grew into a beautiful little girl.  I have been to their house, they have been to mine, I've gotten to know almost all the sisters in the family with both taking their photos and coming to the Jazzed Up Junk sales, I share camera knowledge with them..... I love this family and couldn't be more excited to show you some of my favorites.

Mr B was born just days before Christmas in their home.  What a wonderful way to welcome their brand new baby into this world right in their own environment, pure heaven.  

Okay let's see this brand new baby boy....... 

Big sister Madelyn loves her little brother so much

Dad works very hard for his family and it shows in his strong back and arms.... what a great way to hold his son.  All that littleness snuggled right up in the strength of his daddy.

Of course Big sister had to get some daddy loving too.

I wish you had scratch and sniff to smell this new baby.

He wasn't a good sleeper but we did manage to get him a few catnaps.

Love Madelyn's eyes and she has a good stare that goes right to your heart.

I have yet to find a big sister/brother that is gentle enough for this pose.  Madelyn did so good, she didn't wiggle at all and stayed like this for a long time.  LOVE IT

Mommy is beautiful and shows here just what kind of loving mom she is.  

Daddy is pretty much wrapped around his little finger already.  

Another edit with this photo, couldn't resist

Madelyn playing princess with the blanket

See I told you Baby B was wrapped around his finger.....

Congratulations Tommy and Shannon on the birth of your beautiful new son.  He is perfect just like his big sister.  

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Anonymous said...

These photos are wonderful and the kids are so very cute!!! Congratulations everyone!
-The Wittes