Sunday, January 20, 2013

More painting

John always says someday I'm going to paint him if he stands still too long.  

I've been having the itch to paint and distress something and with the weather being below zero I have to find something to do in the house.  So if it's made out of wood you can paint it and give it a new life, right?

Well picture those old wood pepper grinders and salt shakers they have no life left in them.  They were ugly, old and lack any kind of style.  I wouldn't put them in my kitchen cupboard to use let alone display them on the stove.  So let's paint them..... okay so I forgot to take a picture of them not painted, why would I they were ugly and I'm sure you all pictured them in your head just fine.  

How many of you can picture them painted in bring colors with a bit of distressing?  

I can and I did just that.

Here they are all pretty and ready to be displayed on someone's stove. 

 They are so pretty I couldn't resist taking more photos of them.

and another

One more..... now to find more of these before the Jazzed Up Junk Sale in July.  You can only see them and see how pretty they are but you should feel them..... they are smooth and shiny and just the thing to pretty up your cupboard.

And then there were frames that got in front of my brush too.  I had some of the bird photos printed and they are beyond beautiful.  Can't wait to display a photo wall at the cottage with all my nature photos.  

Again these colors are amazing and the feel of them is too.

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Courtney Smith said...

LOVE the frame idea! nice job :)